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Spyware is Internet jargon for Advertising Supported software (Adware). It is a way for shareware authors to make money from a product, other than by selling it to the users. There are several large media companies that offer them to place banner ads in their products in exchange for a portion of the revenue from banner sales. This way, you don't have to pay for the software and the developers are still getting paid. If you find the banners annoying, there is usually an option to remove them, by paying the regular licensing fee.



adzapper has been tested on:

It should also work on any Unix platform that Python runs on.

Filterkeys™ Internet content filter 6.0

Filterkeys™ Internet content filter 6.0

Internet/email content filtering. You pick the topic.


Please see Installing and About adzapper for information on installing and using adzapper.



Please note that the zaplet file format has changed again, as of adzapper-0.3.0.
Zaplets now use a completely XML-based file format. This format is incompatible with previous zaplet file formats. All zaplets in the current repository have been converted to this format. The current version of adzapper has a web-interface for editing XML zaplets and conversion programs for your existing zaplets.



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