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Welcome to, the spyware and hijackware removal specialists

Has some sleazy web site taken over your browser? Are you getting pop up ads even when your browser has been closed for some time? Are you infected with a spyware program that refuses to go away? If so, our message board has dozens of dedicated volunteers ready to give you step-by-step assistance to remove the malicious software and regain control of your PC.

Please take a moment to check the site and follow the instructions to get started. To learn more about Ad Ware Remove you can proceed to one of the pages in our upper menu.



adzapper has been tested on:

It should also work on any Unix platform that Python runs on.

Filterkeys™ Internet content filter 6.0

Filterkeys™ Internet content filter 6.0

Internet/email content filtering. You pick the topic.


Please see Installing and About adzapper for information on installing and using adzapper.



Please note that the zaplet file format has changed again, as of adzapper-0.3.0.
Zaplets now use a completely XML-based file format. This format is incompatible with previous zaplet file formats. All zaplets in the current repository have been converted to this format. The current version of adzapper has a web-interface for editing XML zaplets and conversion programs for your existing zaplets.



adzapper Home | About adzapper | Installing | Zaplets | Zaplet File Format | Zaplet Updates

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